Bosal comfort pro III

  • Bosal comfort pro III
Bicycle carrier for up to 3 bicycles
User-friendly quick release system
Easy and safe fixation of the bicycles
Practical tiltable mechanism by means of foot pedal for easy trunk access
Multifunctional plug (7/13-pin)
Anti-theft device
Wider wheel rails, specifically for e-bicycles and MTB

The Bosal bicycle carriers are suitable for transporting e-bicycles and are equipped with wide wheel rails and stoppers which are very suitable for wide bicycle tires. Even wider wheel stoppers are available for fatbikes.

They can easily be mounted on the towbar using a fast tensioner. Sturdy frame holders securely fix the bicycles and additionally protect them from theft.

All systems are delivered fully assembled and also a storage bag for space-saving storage in the trunk, garage or basement is separately available.

Suitable for e-bike   Best Reviewed Testpanel

Dimension: 148 x 83 x 67,5 cm (unfolded), 25 x 83 x 76,5 cm (folded)
Dead weight: 21 kg
Maximum load: 60 kg
Wheel base: 135 cm
Max. width of tires: 60 mm
Bicycles can be placed in zigzag order which makes it possible to mount 3 robust bicycles